SEO Services


"If you build it, will they come?"

If you are talking about a website or other online presence, and haven't thought about 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), then the answer is "No".

Building a website, posting on social media, even doing other traditional methods of marketing, may not be enough to ensure that your business will stand out from the competition enough so that prospects will be able to find you.  We can help!

SEO Services We Offer

In conjunction with several partners, we have developed a process for Search Engine Optimization that we know will work.  Every industry, every market, and every company is unique, so we develop CUSTOM plans to ensure that you are getting the right online exposure, and that your company appears in search results.

Here is just a partial list of things that we can do for search:

  • Monitoring and adjusting your social media footprint with SEO in mind
  • Reviewing content on websites and blogs to ensure that it is appropriate to get the results you are looking for.
  • Conducting (and updating) keyword analysis specific to your business and the market you are trying to reach.
  • Local Listings audits and maintenance
  • Intentionally driving online traffic to a single location so that you don't end up competing with yourself
  • Reviewing your website settings and "under the hood" mechanics to ensure that the site is optimized for search
  • Monitoring your website to eliminate error messages and authentic backlinks
  • Analytics and reports that show where your website traffic comes from, so that you can adjust future marketing campaigns