Email Marketing


Email Marketing is a cost-effective way for you to grow your business, by staying in touch with your customers and prospects who have expressed an interest in your business.  Use emails to:

  • share information that is pertinent to your industry 
  • let people learn more about the products and  services you offer
  • cross-sell and up-sell to current and past customers
  • maintain customer loyalty

Consulting – We can help you define your purposes and goals as it relates to email marketing, and to identify areas that might benefit from segmentation and targeting. We also work with you to identify the best Email Service Provider for your needs.

Set up and training – We can handle your account set up and help train you and your staff on the system that you have chosen.  Most email service providers offer a lot of support in terms of open rates and analysis and we can help you develop a system to use those tools effectively as you build your program.  We can also establish templates and marketing guidelines so that your emails share a consistent look and feel that will help establish your brand identity.

Implementation – Don't have the time or staff to fully implement a professional and consistent email program? We can help you stay on track by creating editorial calendars, assisting with content development, laying out and editing content, maintaining your list, and monitoring and reporting response rates, opt-outs and bounces.


Targeted Marketing Resources is a Constant Contact Partner. If Constant Contact is the best solutions for your email marketing, we will help you get started quickly and easily with the service.

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