About Us

Our Background

TMR was founded in 2009 by Larissa Hansen, a marketing services professional whose experience dates back to 1990.  With a background in direct mail, her vision was to bring large-scale marketing solutions to businesses and non-profits in Central Illinois.  She recognized that many independently owned businesses were being shut out of their markets, simply because they weren't aware of how to compete with bigger brands. 

By offering consulting, coaching and education, helping clients set up ongoing marketing processes and systems, and matching up clients with resources and solutions that would help them meet their goals, TMR has assisted many local businesses and non-profit organizations over the years.  

There is no one size fits all approach at TMR.  Each client has unique needs, goals and dreams, which means that we work with each of our clients in a different way.

So how does it work?


Strategy and Plan Development

This is the first step for all of our clients.  For some, it is the only marketing services piece we are needed for...we provide ideas, advice, and direction, and the client implements  in-house, asking for advice and feedback along the way.  We identify the right media to reach the right audience and allow the client to use their internal resources to implement the plan, whether that be direct mail, social media or SEO! Often these clients come back annually to review plans and get input for goals for the upcoming year.


Coaching and Consulting

We can also set up coaching sessions.  Some of our clients want to be able to handle many of the marketing services functions in house, and they have the staff to support that.  We set up monthly (or more frequent) meetings where we provide feedback, on-going analysis, discuss adjustments that might be necessary, and provide education.  Essentially our role is to ensure that all of the marketing plans, from SEO to social media and blogging, to direct mail are on-track and effective.   


Project Work

We implement individual projects or programs.  We work with clients to ensure that their needs are met, and our marketing services include everything from brochure development and design, to editing and creating content with SEO in mind for websites, blogs, emails, and social media, to deploying direct mail campaigns.  Along the way, we report successes, recommend modifications when needed, and offer suggestions for overall marketing vision and direction.   


Your Marketing Department

Some of the smaller companies we work with want to be able to focus on sales or production for their business, and find that they simply don't have the time or penchant for marketing.  These clients look to us as an extension of their own company, referring all things marketing to us and relying on us to handle the majority of their needs.  We communicate about our progress for all of the projects we are working on, make recommendations, and share our successes to ensure that the client is satisfied with the level of support and attention they are getting from us.