This article struck a chord with me for a lot of reasons.  I have also sat through countless meetings and wasted hours of time trying to help clients recover their marketing assets.

Does an employee manage your Facebook page? What happens when they leave? What if they become disgruntled? At best your page looks stale and unmaintained.  At worst, comments are made that you can't delete, edit or respond to.

Don't have time for Constant Contact so a volunteer helps? What if they take a job? You could lose every template, every email address, every list and segmentation, every image and logo.  Every bit of your email marketing history gone.

Require your vendors, employees and volunteers to maintain password lists and documentation and update periodically.  Check on them.  Log in to Facebook and be sure that you are an administrator.  Download email lists. Have your company listed as the owner of a domain name.

Don't leave yourself unprotected...