Targeted Marketing Resources’ local search tool helps your customers find you online and in person!  The first step in driving more business to your doorstep is to make sure your information is properly listed on all of the top apps, maps, search engines, directories and social media sites.

Targeted Marketing Resources is pleased to offer our Local Online Search Tool (LOST, for short) service to help your customers find you, both in person and on the web.  Our tool automatically audits your business’ online directory listing, syncing listings, and updating and replacing outdated information where needed.  The service also pushes your information to other directory listings where you may not currently have a presence.

In addition to setting up and managing the service, TMR will help connect your business listings to your Facebook and other social media sites, and will periodically post unique messaging on your listings, including information about specials, seasonal information and much more, increasing the likelihood that your business will come up when customers search for businesses like yours!

How it Works:

As of August 2016, Google accounted for 72.6% of web traffic, but the reality is that Google’s search algorithm takes into consideration data from a variety of online listings.  We have partnered with Yext to offer our customers and automated system that pushes your business information to over 60 different websites, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, YellowPages, Facebook and Yelp just to name a few.

By using this service, your listing will appear or be updated within a day throughout the Yext network. If you were to try to manually submit listings, it could well be weeks or months before your listing went live.  Additionally, it would take a tremendous time to implement and then manage a manual system of controlling all of these listings.

Additionally, we manage your listings on a monthly basis.  

Running a special? We will announce it online.

Having an event? We will make sure it is posted.

Changing hours for the holidays?  We will update your hours so that your customers know.

Moving?  No problem! We can update in your address in no time!