Email MarketingEmail marketing is a cost-effective way for you to grow your business, by staying in touch with your customers and prospects who have expressed interest in your business.  You can use emails to let people learn more about the products and services that you offer.  In addition, you can cross-sell, up-sell, and just remind people that you are available, all through email. Recent studies indicate that marketers consider email the best way to get new customers and keep them!

Targeted Marketing Resources handles the development, setup and deployment of email marketing plans.  Email marketing is a cost-effective way to stay in touch with your customers and prospects who have expressed interest in your goods and services.  Because email programs can be automated, they can be “a set up and go” marketing method, easy to implement even when you are busy!  While it might take a little bit of time to get the programs set up, it is well worth it in the long run!


  • First, we work with you to define the purpose and goals of your marketing program
  • We identify the best Email Service Provider for your needs and business
    • Many companies aren’t even aware of the options available to  them.  We select the BEST solution for you, based on a number of factors (like cost/budget, size of your list, how you will be getting new contacts, how often you will be sending emails, how targeted those emails will be within your list, whether you want to handle the implementation internally, and much more).

Set Up

  • Set up the account and import your email contacts
    • All we need from you is a spreadsheet containing your email contacts, and we take it from there.  We mark any segments of your list, so that they can be used later for targeting.
  • Develop a template and a plan for a base newsletter
    • We ensure that the the template reflects your brand so that customers and prospects recognize that emails are from you. In addition, we develop a marketing and editorial calendar for the base newsletter.
  • Develop templates for “special” emails
    • Along with the base email template, we design branded but unique templates for one-off appeals.  While they should be unique, we make sure they are distinct and appealing!


  • Lay out and edit content for newsletters and specials
  • Maintain list and program
  • Monitor and report response rates, and rates on opt-outs and bounces

Some of our clients choose to handle portions of the program themselves, and that is FINE!  In addition to helping with the above steps, we are always here to help you as a consultant. We can review your program results, offer editorial calendar suggestions, act as an editor, or help in any other capacity to ensure that your email marketing program delivers the results you need and expect.


Targeted Marketing Resources is a Constant Contact Partner.  If Constant Contact is the best solution for your email marketing, we will help you get started quickly and easily with Constant Contact!