emailEmail marketing can be a powerful tool if implemented properly.  We monitor mail coming in from other organizations and are often shocked by what we see.  We noted a couple of emails lately from large companies, and thought these tips were timely reminders!


  1. Just add people because you have their email address
  2. Send emails directly from your Internet Service Provider or Outlook
  3. Share all of your email addresses with your recipients
  4. Use your home or personal email address to send emails
  5. Get upset by opt-outs
  6. Worry only about quantity of opt-ins


  1. Welcome people (let them know you will be emailing to them) and communicate regularly
  2. Consider using an Email Service Provider
  3. Proactively collect email addresses
  4. Budget time to:
    • Create a strategy…what do you want your emails to “do” for you? Create interest? Drive website traffic?
    • Create a plan (that you can stick to)
    • Properly develop and deploy content
    • Analyze results
  5. Use correct punctuation and grammar
  6. Use your logo and other branding tools to help increase your open rate
  7. Test the day and time that you send your emails

Remember, the goal is interaction (of some kind) so in order to measure that, you need some kind of system in place.

These tips were created by Targeted Marketing Resources, a marketing consulting and deployment company based in Springfield IL.  Please do not distribute them or share them without approval from TMR.