Want to reach all of the households in a specific neighborhood? Try local direct mail!

Local companies often want to target areas that surround their location. Restaurants, small scale retail, delivery services, dry cleaners and more can all benefit from being able to geographically target potential customers who live within a certain radius of their location. Local direct mail can be a cost-effective solution to help raise awareness, drive traffic to your store, and let people know what you offer.

Targeted Marketing Resources offers two services that can help you reach people in individual neighborhoods. Introduce yourself to people who are close to your location, who are known to have the discretionary income for your service, or who live an area that needs your product!

Every Door Direct Mail is a great way to reach EVERYONE in your neighboorhood!  Lists are identified by USPS carrier route.

Learn more about EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail)

StreetSmart is an alternative when some of the people in your area may not be ideal customers.  Want to eliminate renters, target a specific subdivision, or reach just those people who live on a certain side of a major road?  StreetSmart can break down carrier routes so that your mailing is directed at just the right people.

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