Trying to reach new markets? Need to revitalize past customers?  Want to send regular communications to current clients?

Let us manage your direct mail, so you can stay focused on your business.

direct mail envelopeThe whole process of using direct mail is daunting to many organizations.  As a result, direct mail is often mis-used and mis-understood.   Targeted Marketing Resources stays up to date on regulations and programs that are available when it comes to direct mail.  For clients who are currently using mail as an element in their ongoing customer communication and marketing efforts, we can typically recommend some basic changes that will help save money and increase response rates.

Note that direct mail marketing includes ALL mail communication to current customers, past customers and prospects.


Our clients decide whether they want us to participate in all aspects of their direct mail program, or just certain areas.  Our services include:

  • Develop plans for a direct mail program  (this can be for a single project, or an ongoing campaign)
  • Customer list hygiene, including processing through the US Postal Service’s NCOA and CASS certification
  • Prospect list selection, procurement and maintenance  (we are a registered list broker, with access to tens of thousands of lists that are available for rental or purchase)
  • Creative development of campaign
  • Find and work with printers
  • Actual fulfillment of campaign, including preparing mail so that it will be eligible for the maximum postal discounts

No matter the size or frequency, we ensure that your marketing program is conducted on time, and at the lowest possible rate.  We handle all paperwork required by the US Postal Service, so we can use our license to prepare your mailings.  In addition to cost savings, you will benefit from our years of experience in dealing with mailings and postal regulations.  Your mail will be compliant, and your mailing needs will be handled professionally and in their best interest.