dataYour current customers, whether you have two or two thousand, are the most valuable resource that your company has. Data driven marketing is the process of using information that you know (or can get) about your current customers to determine who your customers are (and who your best customers are) to determine how to get your current customers to buy more from you, AND to identify and market to people that are like them.

Do you know who your best customer is?

Most businesses have more than one “best customer” and they also have more than one type of customer.  Defining your different types of customers so that you can speak directly to them can have a huge impact on your organization’s success.  Customers want to feel “known” and they want a relationship with the companies that they choose to do business with them.  Nurture your relationships with your customers.   Tell them about the things that matter to them.

It is far less expensive to keep current customers than to find, attract and close new ones.  Nurturing those relationships are key to any organization’s growth. Once you know who they are, it’s easy to create a plan to will keep you top of mind and keep your customers coming back.

TMR can help develop a system for capturing data about your customers.  From there, we analyze your customers and create a customer-centric plan for growing your business.  Even if you know very little about your current customers, we can show you how you can learn more.  Creating customer profiles  will help you communicate better with them. gaining their loyalty, trust and referrals.  We can also build a plan that will help you identify new prospects, and to communicate more effectively with them.