consultingTargeted Marketing Resources provides marketing consulting and analytical services to companies.  

Through our consulting and analysis processes, we attempt to clarify what actions our clients should take in terms of marketing. Before they can establish a marketing plan, companies must first determine:

  • Who is their ideal customer?
  • Who are they competing against? (Often, it’s not someone that is a direct competitor, but someone who offers a reasonable alternative)
  • What differentiates them from their competitors?

We determine which of these to analyze, with the understanding that the research and analysis we conduct is intended to ultimately improve the bottom line of the organization by providing powerful insight into growth potential through understanding how to position the organization for prospecting and for enhancing customer relationships.

  •  Research and Strategy Development:  Provide an overview of the market and competitors, business differentiators, and a complete list of all of the possibly marketing strategies available.
  • Marketing Plan Development: Develop a specific plan that takes into consideration:
    • the company’s goals
    • the relative profit of the organization’s various products and services
    • the consumer response to marketing pitches
    • (perhaps most importantly), the marketing budget.
  • Customer Data Analysis: Review current and past customers to analyze RFM (Recency, Frequency and Monetary impact) of purchases, and demographics of customers to determine what makes a “best” customer, and why a customer is attracted to the business.  This process is extremely helpful in the initial strategy and plan development.  It is also an effective tool when analyzing success of various marketing plan elements, therefore driving future business decisions.
  • Competitive Analysis: Review of competitors and their products to determine how to best compete for their market share.
  • Analyze results:  Often a forgotten step, we help companies review the impact of their marketing efforts on customer activity.