Because blogging is “free”, many organizations enter the blog world without clear direction and without a plan.  At TMR, we believe that the only way to make a blog truly work is to approach it with a strategy and goal in mind.  The more thought you put into your blog and its role as a marketing tool BEFORE you launch your blog, the more valuable a tool it will be.

Let’s pretend for a minute that you are an expert on fish.  You love fish, own a fish store, and you want to share your knowledge with other people.  You set yourself up with a (free) blog, title it something “catchy”, and start to write.  In a few days/weeks/months, you haven’t seen any benefit, you are sick of writing and coming up with new ideas, you decide blogging is too much work and it doesn’t work for fish topics and you quit.  Maybe fish people don’t like computers, who knows?

The problem probably isn’t the blog or the fish people.  The problem is that you don’t have a plan.  Who are you talking to?  Fish lovers, who are already hooked on the concept of fish and want information about how to take care of exotic varieties? Organizations which have fish in their lobbies and need someone to help them take care of them?  Or people who think they want a fish, but want to know the basics about their care, where to get the right kind of equipment, etc?  Are you trying to establish yourself as an expert so that people will hire you as a consultant or caretaker of large aquariums, or drive people to your fish store, or are you just trying to share information and passion? Are you a believer that fish are the best kind of pet, but they are not for everyone? Or do you think that fish can be a great way to teach even the smallest children responsibility, so you are trying to reach non-fish people, or people not quite sold on the concept?

Although you probably aren’t a fish expert, you probably understand where we are headed here… without a plan, a blog, even about topics you are knowledgeable and passionate about can fail.  A blog can be a valuable tool but needs to be developed with an understanding of what you want that tool to do

Blogs are a valuable and cost effective way for organizations to stay in touch with their current customers (or donors or supporters) and to reach out to new ones.  Like other forms of social media, the general purpose of a blog is to provide your readers with relevant content that they can relate to, and that will encourage discussion and sharing with their friends, and their friends’ friends.

To blog with a purpose, you should start with these 4 key questions as it relates to your blog (note that the answers to these questions may or may not align perfectly with the organization that you are supporting; your blog may have a different goal than the overall organization) :

  1. What is your goal?


  1. What topics are important?


  1. What is your perspective?


  1. Who is your target audience?



Once you have answered these key questions, you should be ready to build some specific blog titles.  The titles alone (knowing what you plan to write about) are sufficient to build your plan.  You don’t need to write every blog now!  Take your titles and lay them out on a calendar to develop your plan.  Make sure the titles and topics are in a reasonable sequence, so that your 5th blog doesn’t assume some base of knowledge that isn’t really covered until your 20th blog.

Once everything is laid out, you have a plan.  Remember that plans are flexible; if there is a relevant current event that comes up that you want to blog about you can move things around.  Just be sure that you keep your goals in mind.    And remember that a blog with no new content can’t achieve your goals…you have to write and post content on a regular basis in order to capture and retain your audience.

TMR helps our customers with blogging in several different ways…we can help develop a strategy for blogging, research and develop content ideas, and help to write or edit and post content.  We can also handle general blog maintenance (reviewing stats and adjusting layouts).

For more information about blogging and how you can use it for your organization, please call Larissa Hansen at (217) 622-3618.