targeted marketing resources

Founded by Larissa Hansen, Targeted Marketing Resources’ vision is to bring large-scale marketing solutions to local businesses.

Since 2009, we have helped small and medium sized businesses and non-profit organizations compete with their larger competitors by developing and implementing programs that work to increase exposure and sales, using targeted marketing methods.   We identify specific goals upfront. Using data as both a planning tool and analytical device, we identify and deploy resources in order to drive growth in terms of both reach and revenue for our clients.

How does our marketing involvement work?

Depending on client’s needs, budgets and goals, we can work in a variety of ways.  As example, we can:

  1. Develop plans and the client implements them, asking for advise and feedback along the way.
  2. Set up “coaching” sessions.  We establish the strategy and plan, then meet regularly with the customer to educate and offer feedback, analysis, and advice.
  3. Implement individual projects, providing feedback about our strategy and success, and offering suggestions for overall marketing vision and direction.
  4. Assume all marketing roles and responsibilities, reporting issues, progress, and successes to the client.

We are active in the business community in the greater Springfield area, and are proud to be a member of both the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce and the Chatham Area Chamber of Commerce.  Larissa is a Director for the Chatham Chamber, and is a member/board member for Women Entrepreneurs of Central Illinois.  She also serves as Executive Director of genHkids, a local 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to educating, empowering and encouraging children and their families to adopt healthier lifestyles.

We are excited about the opportunity to help businesses grow, and as technology improves our ability to target and analyze, we are always looking for new challenges and opportunities to learn more about our ever-changing world.